St. James Chapel
Anuta Island
Temotu Province

Dear Klaus,

It is a great pleasure to inform you that the Chiefs and the people of Anuta are happy and appreciate the idea of having a catamaran, one for Tikopia and one for Anuta.

However the catamaran will be very helpful to the people of Anuta, because Anuta is remote and isolated from the provincial capital of Lata.

These catamarans will serve an inter-island service to the people. This is because of lack of regular shipping to the islands.

We hope that the catamaran will also provide services, particularly in health and education, for instance taking a sick person from Anuta to Lata hospital, or even Anuta student to transport to secondary school within Temotu.

As you are aware the irregular shipping has caused difficulty in health and education sectors.

Likewise the chiefs and the people of Anuta once again appreciate the idea and happy to receive the catamaran at any time from now.

Thank you
God bless
Sincerely yours

Ariki Koroatu



The Isand of Anuta


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